A Christmas Carol nightmare.

I had another little look at my list of things I struggle with at Christmas:

photo (19)

 I think I’ve done pretty well this year to overcome and survive most of those thanks to my Survival Guide. But there’s one that remains a real problem – Christmas music. I can’t bear it. I think it’s because it’s on every where you go for two months before Christmas, and eventually, it does my head in. Not to mention the fact that I’m a musician, which means I’ve spent many a Christmas rehearsing and performing the same old music, to the point that I really need something fresh.

Oh, and loads of them are just frankly depressing. We have to listen to “Blue Christmas” and “Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day, you gave it away”. Oh please. How is that spreading Christmas cheer?

I spotted a really cheap Christmas album yesterday, and despite my husband’s warnings that it was a bad idea, I went ahead and popped it in the trolley.

photo (66)

I played it today during the crazy last minute tidy-up (which is still not finished). The kids hated it. My husband begged me to turn it off.

I left it on just to torment them (‘Tis the season of goodwill I realise, but I’m allowed the odd childish moment, surely?). And then I realised, they were right. It was just another awful Christmas album.

photo (67)

So depressingly s–l–o—-w….. Pah! I’m fed up. I need a decent Christmas album, but at this point now, I’m too tight to spend any more money on something that frankly might be just as awful. I love acappella choral music, but it gets a proper thumbs down from the rest of the family, and let’s be honest, it’s not ideal for playing while cleaning or during the Grand Presents Opening. You need something with a good foot-tapping beat.

But this is progress. I mean at least I’m considering buying a Christmas Album this year. Usually I try to hide my husband’s Christmas album collection from him (more childish behaviour. Sorry).

There is however one song I’m quite keen on. That’s the one my band recorded a few months ago. It’s called “Tacky Christmas Song”. You can see it on Youtube or download the song on iTunes.

Hope you enjoy it!

My thought for the day is to think over how I’ve got on with the entire Christmas Survival Guide so far, since it’s nearly the Big Day. To reflect on how it’s gone, what’s worked, what hasn’t, what I might want to do differently.

The task for the day is to pick my top three steps from the whole Survival Guide and share them with you.

So here goes….

The mindsets behind the mask (Day 11)

Why “why” is a wonderful word which works wonders (Day 21)

Shut up and listen (Day 22)

I’m not sure why, actually I changed my mind a few times on those, but anyway, those are the ones I think made the biggest impact on me. I also loved my husband’s debut blog post “Grated Expectations”.

I’d love to know if there’s a favourite of yours which made an impact on you…

So, tomorrow is the last step before I sign off for the festivities. Nearly there now….


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