Day 4 – Pause for un-thought

Day 4 – A Sensitive Cynic’s Christmas Survival Guide

I’m having a break today. I planned it that way. It’s my anti-perfectionism creeping in. Today is my eldest’s birthday, so there was no point in giving myself anything to do other than celebrate and deal with hyperactive children and cake-making. That’s enough for one day isn’t it? I’m not remotely suggesting that my 24-step Christmas Survival Guide is actually 23 steps. Not at all. Just to prove that, here comes my thought and task for today:

Thought for today:

Forget about Christmas. Unthink all thoughts about the subject. For one day (12)

Task for today:

Pause all Christmas preparations, conversations, and activities.

I’m doing this because my family comes first. Sometimes that means letting other people down. Sometimes that means my nice neat plans have to change. Sometimes I just have to stop what I’m doing and be in the moment with them. Today is one of those days.


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