There’s a time to stop, and a time to shop….

So, how’s it all going, are you full of Christmas cheer or just full of cold, like me?

I’ve allowed myself half a week for Day 7’s task (I’m being sensible, not lazy, thank you very much). I’ll be back with a new blog post on Thursday.

I just wanted to let you know how I got on with Day 3’s task last week, which was to set aside some time to consider what I might give to anyone left on my gift list. I didn’t need to include the kids for this one, because Santa has that one covered 😉 My husband and I made sure the man in red got our kid’s presents sorted and wrapped by the end of November, because, well, we’re pushy parents and we have contacts up in the North Pole. More on that some other time…

So, anyway, I got in my pyjamas, snuggled up with a blanket and a cuppa, a pen and a note pad.

photo (21)

I first came up with a theme which helped me to decide on gifts for the majority of people on my list. I’m pretty excited about this theme, so I’ll be doing a special blog post about that as soon as I’ve got it all done.

Then, there were only some very close relatives left, and I’ve had a mental block on those people for weeks and weeks, probably because I’m obsessing about getting those really special people in my life something just perfect. So I focussed on each person at a time, praying for them, praying for ideas and then writing down all the things they like or appreciate. Suddenly, I found some ideas starting to flow. I haven’t quite got around to a final decision, but at least I have some concrete ideas that I can get surfing the net with. I feel like a big weight has just lifted. Result!

If you missed the blog post that goes with that task, you can catch it here. It’s called “A Pragmatist’s Guide to Practical Present Giving”.

Click here for Day 4 – “Pause for Unthought”, where my task was nice and easy….

Cheerio for now

Naomi 🙂


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