Green cravings and crazy carolling in queues

Tomorrow (day 21) was meant to be a repeat of last Sunday (day 14). However, I’m switching it today because I’m feeling really in need of some good nutritious food, and the task was all about making time to feed myself properly.

You can read the post on preparing for a healthy Christmas here:

Also, I’m unexpectedly out without much phone battery. It’s my Christmas Survival Guide and I can change it if I want to.

I have just enough battery to tell you that yesterday I was so busy focussing on getting some final gifts made and posted that I didn’t eat till 4pm. Two friends arrived to go acappella carol singing around town and I literally chucked a boiled egg and soldiers down my neck and dashed out with my parcels to post.

We sang in the hairdressers, the butchers (well I sang outside the door avoiding the smell…I am a sensitive vegetarian after all), we sang while walking into the bookshop and were offered oranges and pastries in return. We sang outside the chip shop along with some young girls out singing for charity. We sang outside the fruit and veg shop, and we sang on the high street.

We queued in the post office with parcels to post last minute, and did a sort of mini flash mob to calm stressed staff and parcel posters.

We knocked the door of a friend of one of the singers who I had never met before and they invited us in to sing to them around their kitchen table, with my husband and children trailing behind us. They made us so welcome, and were genuinely moved by the random act of kindness we had sprung on them.

We didn’t do it for charity, we just did it because we wanted to. And it was more fun than I could ever have imagined. People smiled, took pictures, and just looked so happy to share a bit of musical joy with us.

Is this, I wonder, a taste of the infamous “Christmas Spirit?”

In a time of rush rush rush, and depressing news and pictures of fights in the shops on Black Friday, this was heart warming, and told of the unquenchable thirst we all have for sharing, for joy and for community.

I will treasure those memories for a long time.

So today, I’m feeling a little in need of an injection of green energy. I made myself a salad for lunch, rather than rushing some quick snack. It felt really good.

So, now that my presents are posted, and today’s blog is posted, I can get in the kitchen when I get home and recharge those worn down batteries (my phone battery too). I want to be ready for the week of festivities – not to mention a crazy burst of cleaning and tidying – that lies ahead.


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